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“Utilizing the most up-to-date technology, CPS provides an unprecedented level of functionality inside the commodity sourcing, contracting, and settlement workflow.”

Meeting the day-to-day challenges faced by global food and agricultural processors that source commodities is a never-ending challenge. During seasonal shifts, when demands change and the need for new technologies to manage the supply chain more efficiently occurs, the question becomes, “who can help me better manage my business so I can react to the changing market?” Biwer can.

They provide software solutions to food and agricultural operations to give clients the ability to manage their procurement workflow based on their own needs and industry requirements. Biwer applications have established a favorable niche in offering flexible solutions within broad-based ERP solutions. With unparalleled design and structure, they allow for complex and transforming business requirements within each application that is supported via unique configurations for customer’s business — and no else’s. This strategy offers a tailored solution to each client, with flexibility for the future, while permitting the ERP solution to continue functioning the way it was designed to. This means that you’re ready to manage the demands for today and the challenges that lie ahead.

Biwer continually provides robust applications that incorporate technological advances as soon as they’ve been proven within the industry. They continue to improve the Inventory Control Power and Safety (ICPS) functionality to ensure an adequate supply without excessively oversupply in the commodity supply chain. Biwer grows its existing client base both domestically and internationally by expanding its services and resources, including relationships with key software partners.

This includes development and enhancements to support multicurrency and foreign languages further. Streamline their implementation of solutions by developing more efficient starting points for each industry we serve.

The Biwer Commodity Procurement System (CPS) is its flagship software application. Utilizing the most up-to-date technology, CPS provides an unprecedented level of functionality inside the commodity sourcing, contracting, and settlement workflow. CPS manages detailed grower information, provides exceptional grained access to receipt information (quality and cost data), models forecasting and pricing scenarios, manage aspects of commodity traceability, and enables web service and web portal functionality. Their CPS runs on the most advanced and latest Oracle Database, including Oracle and Linux, and supporting Exadata Database Machine. They also ensure that CPS is scalable within an integrated Oracle environment by utilizing its Exastack Ready application.

This means that the company provides an industry-leading backend infrastructure in combination with their CPS design. The result is that it allows companies with diverse operations to run their entire enterprise in a single standardized application while meeting their day-to-day demands. More importantly, their CPS is designed to be fully extendable and configurable while leveraging users’ internal staff and their existing skills, saving both time and money as users need change. Biwer has served with some of the most renowned cooperatives throughout the country. They understand the patronage accounting business processes. Their experience in working with a wide variety of organizations in different industries allows them to understand the subtleties of the business requirement and related data flows that most customers think are unique to them. Their streamlined onboarding and software setup process depends on the careful definition of the business rules and exceptions that all customers have. The application has been incorporated to be scalable with tremendous flexibility for changes that are essential in the patronage arena.”