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James Cooper-Jones
James Cooper-Jones, CEO


“CropLogic understands how hectic growers are, that’s why they introduced CropLogic realTime, a software and hardware package designed to help farmers optimize their yields with the click of a button.”

CropLogic is an award-winning global digital ag-tech company concentrating on soil moisture management solutions. Their vision is to be the foremost provider of powerfully-simple actionable intelligence designed for irrigated crop producers to manage water usage better and enhance crop behavior and accomplishment. Beginning from the intellectual property from the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research, CropLogic was established in 2010. With their scientific and agronomy roots planted in New Zealand and the USA, they asked themselves: “How can we build an intuitive tool that complements farmers’ on-the-ground information?”

They started the journey with their research and regional partners to incorporate a solution designed to provide actionable in-field data that is accurate, compact, and easy-to-use. Using 30 years of plant performance data, research and analysis, and over 600 global field trials – an army of digital agtech solutions was born.

CropLogic is an award-winning global agricultural technology company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). After starting its product into Washington State, the USA in 2017, CropLogic is presently servicing a significant portion of horticultural growers in this region, with a market share as high as 30 percent in some crops. Following substantial growth (2017-2018) in Washington State and Northern Oregon, in 2018, CropLogic extended into the Idaho market. CropLogic provides growers of irrigated crops with digital agricultural technology expertise built upon scientific research and delivered with state-of-the-art technology – agronomy, science, and technology are interwoven into an expert system for decision support.

The company has used more than 30 years of plant performance data to develop its cropping resolutions. CropLogic’s ethos is to build intuitive tools that complement the in-ground data farmers hold. The international group is researching its products for utilizing in hemp-growing Western markets with a trial crop in Oregon in the US. It is also looking at making a 100-acre hemp trial farm in Australia as it evaluates opportunities in the Australian and New Zealand hemp sector.

The company is led by CEO James Cooper-Jones, an accountant with over 13 years of experience in the industry. Cooper-Jones was beforehand the company’s chief financial officer and capital markets advisor. The experienced director prior led Sohdan Capital as its managing director and has held CFO roles at a series of Australian resources companies.

The Real-time Process

CropLogic understands how hectic growers are, that’s why they introduced CropLogic realTime, a software and hardware package designed to help farmers optimize their yields with the click of a button.

Developed by renowned agronomists who leverage over 30 years of research, the soil moisture monitoring solution allows farmers to combine their on-the-ground know-how with actionable in-field intelligence designed to help them optimize their performance.

CropLogic’s hardware is reliable, strong, and resilient, with proven durability across multiple crop types. Their sensor probes continuously record the soil moisture situations, from any location, and across all soil types.

CropLogic real-time grower show desktop dashboard offers the ability to monitor, track, and maintain the soil moisture, irrigation, rain chances, and evapotranspiration rate all in one place – as they occur. The easy-to-navigate dashboard enables farmers to access accurate and concise acumens in an easily digestible format – designed to help farmers make cost-saving decisions during the critical season.

CropLogic realTime GrowerView App for Android and iOS allows us to access the soil moisture data on-the-go in real-time. Prioritize the areas that need the most attention with the flexible soil-moisture threshold function, allowing farmers to plan their day and allocate their resources effectively.

Taking Care of Crop’s Health

CropLogic understands the importance of knowing your crops’ health. CropLogic Aerial Imagery is intended to help farmers proactively know where they are needed on the farm. A compelling solution for early detection and intervention of difficulty areas on the farm, providing farmers with actionable in-field imagery designed to assist minimize threats to your crops’ performance.

CropLogic Aerial Imagery provides better monitor, track and optimize your irrigation, disease, and pest management activities with high-resolution digital imagery displaying a bird’ s-eye view of the state of your crops’ health. Access your farm’s infrared, vegetative index, and standard color imagery all-in-the-one place with the easy-to-navigate dashboard, helping you make cost-saving decisions throughout those critical season periods.

The company’s critical assets are the CropLogic realTime yield optimization tool, the CropLogic Aerial Imagery solution for visual monitoring, and the global group’s US subsidiary LogicalCropping LLC. LogicalCropping is responding to new cannabis opportunities in Western markets by using CropLogic realTime technology to facilitate hemp production processes.

Towards their Promise

The CropLogic group is one of the primary ASX-listed companies to secure a US hemp growers license and has achieved a name in the field at a trial farm. Its investors are hoping for a great harvest and yield rates from the operation’s expected cropping and a crop worth that exceeds the company’s market capitalization.

The Boring Seed Company of Oregon USA T2 hemp strain crop has already been stated industrial hemp compliant by an ORELAP (Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program) accredited laboratory. The Oregon Department of Agriculture authorizes it. THC from CropLogic’s hemp was stated to be below maximum levels for industrial hemp in Oregon, which is delta-9 levels of less than 0.35 percent.

Crops at the group’s trial land in central Oregon had delta-9 results ranging from zero to 0.0738 percent.

Last year, CropLogic was getting ready for its trial farm for harvest.

This month’s harvest will involve various harvesting methodologies CropLogic plans to utilize at its hemp trial farms as the group tests their fitness for farming hemp at scale.

The company also anticipates to learn from its experience and judge how its methods can be used in future expansion to crops in-field. Management of the award-winning global agronomy, agtech, farm management company announced on Monday morning that it was on track to harvest a high-quality crop that had met all of the regulatory requirements inside Oregonian law.

Testing by a third party ORELAP (Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program) certified lab, one of only some 21 labs authorized by Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) to perform Industrial Hemp compliance testing, has stated that all areas under the Hemp Trial Farm have a THC level under the maximum requirement for them to be treated as industrial hemp. Under Oregonian law, hemp fields need to be tested by an ODA authorized lab to ensure delta-9 levels are below .35 percent, a process commonly called in the industry’ compliance testing’.

Fields at CropLogic’s Hemp Trial Farm in central Oregon operated by its wholly-owned subsidiary LogicalCropping recorded results from zero (below limit of quantitation) to .0738 percent of delta-9 THC, well below the required maximum of .35 percent. This states that all fields are compliant for them to be treated as industrial hemp, and the firm has been advised that this lab will be lodging these areas as such with the ODA.

Discussing the effect of regulatory approval, James Cooper-Jones says, “This is another important milestone for the Hemp Trial Farm. Once again, the combination of good genetics, sourced via the hemp expertise resourced by LogicalCropping, conjoined with growing methods developed using CropLogic’s agronomy, farm management, and agtech brilliance, has worked in the Trial Farm’s favor.”

A combine swather (windrower), harvester attachment and swather (windrower) appearing on site ahead of harvest. With compliance testing complete, management has also made leaps on the logistics side with much of the vast machinery on site. Management stated that CropLogic’s expertise in agronomy and farm management had translated into strong growing methods, stating that it should be well placed to meet harvest expectations, which indicated the generation of substantial revenues for the company.

The company has positioned itself to churn-out revenues in years to come from showcasing its farm management and technical expertise in the hub of a significant agricultural region. While the administration hasn’t committed to establishing a hemp farming business, it said that the upcoming harvest would include various methodologies at the Hemp Trial Farms to test their ‘application into hemp farming at scale and potential use in any eventual expansion.’ Few fairly predictable profit-taking occurred in August after the group’s shares had increased 500 percent in five months. Still, the stock showed resilience last week, gaining 5 percent in the face of a global downturn in equities markets.

Since this is the first time the company has traded at today’s levels since the August sell-off, investors may be targeting the stock ahead of the much-anticipated harvest news. At this point, a significant degree of revenue transparency is likely to have the number crunchers attributing a much firmer ‘with confidence’ valuation to the stock.”