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“We focus on making management software that’s easy to use, and lets customers always own and control their data.” Fred Wall, FCC Vice-President of Marketing.”

A major challenge that customers face in the ag-tech space is trust and transparency with the collection of their data. Farm Credit Canada (FCC) has been building customer trust with its Ag Data Transparent management software: AgExpert Field and AgExpert Accounting.

From its humble beginnings in 1983 as Settler Software, AgExpert has grown to be Canada’s leader in farm management software. AgExpert Field is a web-based field and crop management software that makes keeping track of details and planning your farm’s strategy easy. AgExpert Accounting, which was preceded by AgExpert Analyst, is more than just entering accounting data – it creates income and expense reports, and lets you NetFile GST and HST returns. AgExpert is constantly being upgraded, so as new reporting requirements are introduced, producers can count on having software that keeps up with the industry. With the growing importance of digital record-keeping, AgExpert offers a basic version of the AgExpert platform at no charge to users, so that all Canadian producers can track and control their data.

Certified Ag Data Transparent (ADT)

AgExpert became the first Canadian company to receive an Ag Data Transparent certification in 2018. The process requires companies to answer ten questions about ag data ownership, use, portability, and security.

These answers are then reviewed by a third party, and if approved, the Ag Data Transparent seal is issued. ADT certification protects customers by setting guidelines for how firms can collect, analyze and use their data. With AgExpert, customers know exactly how their data is handled, and get to choose who they want to share it with. “Data transparency is a top priority for us and we want to share that message with the industry,” explains Fred Wall, FCC Vice-President of Marketing.

Between AgExpert Accounting and Field, AgExpert offers cost of production reporting, management reports, payroll, crop insurance reporting, and more. Plus, users have the flexibility to enter, access, and share data from anywhere. The Premium versions are loaded with features designed for all types of producers and business operators.

Starting Young

FCC works closely with post-secondary institutions to share the importance of digital record-keeping in agriculture. With AgExpert, students get familiar with the software and see the benefit of secure data management from an early age. Recent research shows that AgExpert customers are stronger operators across a wide variety of financial ratios and business outcomes, than were a comparator group. Additionally, a Customer Care team based in Regina, Saskatchewan, helps customers with everything from setting up their books to running reports.

Covering all the Ag Industry

AgExpert proudly does business with customers in every province and sector, including grains and oilseeds, cattle, poultry, dairy, organics, fruit and vegetables, and potatoes. Customers can even recommend features they would like to see in the software, which is taken into consideration for future planning. “We’re always looking for ways to help customers better manage their businesses,” Wall adds. “We’re also open to working with potential partners who can build on our existing platform while meeting AgExpert’s standards for Ag Data Transparency.”